⭐ Bayside Betsy’s — Restaurant Review

The view was gorgeous. The food was edible. The service was slow. The only vegan entrée being an imitation beef burger was contrasted with a cheesecake for dessert — the composition of which baffled me.

We got chips and guac as an appetizer, which consisted of cheap yellow movie theater rounds served alongside pureed avocado with a few chunks of tomato.

The Beyond burger was plain, uninspiring but as expected — shiny bun, thinly sliced red onion rings, and some lettuce summing up to be an average burger. Cheese was offered but $2 extra, for non-dairy and dairy alike.

The cheesecake though. This would have registered to zero people as a cheesecake, more of a mini custard pie that had been made in a flared and ribbed dish (maybe for jumbo muffins or peanut butter cups). It was served upsidedown with sweet cherries that were further sweetened and served with syrup. The crust was crumbly but tasty, seemingly standard shortbread.

The filling was nearly flavorless and lacking any richness one would expect from a cheesecake. I noticed no nuts, soy, or coconut. The best way I can describe the filling is sweetened instant mashed potatoes. No body, acidity, or even viscosity that one might expect from a custard thickened with cornstarch. I have no idea who came up with this recipe, but while it can probably successfully pass as a dessert with some minor tweaks, it is in no way reminiscent of cheesecake.

I can’t speak for their omnivore selection, but the reviews online also seem to reinforce the incredible range of quality: excellent view, average food, poor service.

from the menu
GUACAMOLE & TORTILLA CHIPS - Guacamole, diced tomatoes, corn tortilla chips (v, gf) - $8
BEYOND BURGER - Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, french fries (gf*) - $15

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