Kitchen Notes

🥜 chickpea pb fudge

I think being a junk food vegan and very experimental baker leads to a weird situation with recipes where they’re part standard American pantry and part niche ‘health’ foods (that are often just from anywhere not the US). This is based on Food and Spice’s fudge recipe, which want to actually follow at some point… but …

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🍠 rainbow harvest bowl

Intentionally modified to be soy-free, with Burmese tofu and coconut aminos. Inspired by Life Alive’s dish of the same name. Amounts are approximate. kitchen notes – rainbow harvest — pseudo/grains — 2 C brown rice 1 C tricolor quinoa brown rice -> 1:1 water, pressure 15min, npr 10min quinoa -> 1:1.5 water, pressure 3min, npr 10min …

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🍊 orange cake

So I like upside-down cakes. 🍑 Here’s an orange one inspired by delicious everyday’s orange cardamom cake (non-veg), using Loving It Vegan’s vanilla sheet cake recipe as a guide. kitchen notes – orange upside-down cake — topping — 1/2 C sugar 1/4 C water 2 T Earth Balance butter spread 3 oranges, peeled, sliced — sponge — 2 C all-purpose flour …

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🍪 snickerdoodles

I was told that these taste similar to those of a local bakery. This is a reliable pantry recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie, but I’m not convinced it’s worth it to imitate the bitterness of cream of tartar with baking soda… or maybe it’s not worth it to have the bitterness at all. I think …

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🍑 peach cake

canned peaches put to use in a summer solstice-themed cake kitchen notes – peach upside down cake 15 oz canned peach slices in syrup 2 C all-purpose flour ¾ C sugar 1 T baking powder ¼ tsp baking soda ⅛ tsp salt ½ C syrup from canned peaches ⅛ tsp fresh lemon zest ¼ C …

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🍋 lemon bars

perfectly tart and sweet, with an even ratio of shortbread to filling; made for father’s day and everyone enjoyed it! someone even asked for the recipe, which is why this even got written

🍫 tahini lentil brownies

I was surprised to find the tahini in these appropriate, since I’ve had unpleasant experiences with the stuff overall, but it seems like sweetness is the solution.Thanking several food bloggers (recipes 1, 2, 3, 4) for the inspiration for these! See my notes for a more standard legume brownie here (ft. black bean). kitchen notes …

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