🍌 banana blueberry buckwheat pancakes

I’m going to admit that I’ve played with store bought buckwheat flour (Bob’s Red Mill) a bit, and I never liked the taste and I found it grainy or just off putting. However, I loved it in these pancakes, which the main bulk of the ingredients are ripe bananas (2) and buckwheat flour (1/4 c). Recipe by Detoxinista, I just added frozen blueberries (and only to half of the batter).

I omitted the cinnamon and vanilla here. I didn’t have vanilla at the time and I was cooking for someone who doesn’t like cinnamon. I was impressed by the sweetness imparted by the bananas alone here, and I didn’t miss the spices — they are moist, soft pancakes, reminiscent of banana bread. I also used white distilled instead of apple cider vinegar.

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