🍪 chocolate chip cookies

❗ I’m actually on the search for other chocolate chip recipes, since I’ve developed a taste for crisp edges and chewy centers.

The best chocolate chip cookies, vegan or not, no specialty ingredients: Ovenly’s Secretly Vegan Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies, reviewed by food52. Soft for days without being underdone and while still having a bite to their exterior. Made these twice, didn’t salt either (though it probably would have been good), and both were delicious despite the differences. A coworker asked if I had been “kind enough” to make non-vegan baked goods for them — nope! Just vegan deliciousness.

First time: 30 cookies – small, ~2 TB balls. Refrigerated overnight, frozen for a few minutes before baking. Reserved some of the wet mixture and mixed baking powder in with it due to concerns about clumping, then combined everything. Likely measured flour incorrectly, dough was a moldable dough before refrigeration.

Second time: Half batch, 9 cookies. Refrigerated for thirty minutes, frozen for fifteen, left on the counter for five (which I would recommend against if the batter is this consistency). Convection baked at 325°F.

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