šŸŒ¾ scallion buns

iā€™m surprised all eleven fit in this pan. aesthetic, simple, tasty. would use the folding technique for other spiral buns (cinnamon buns, anyone?)

kitchen notes - scallion buns
ā€” dough ā€”
  3ā„4 C   warm soy milk ~95Ā°F
    2 tsp yeast
    1 T   sugar
  1ā„2 tsp salt
2 1ā„2 C   all-purpose flour
ā€” filling ā€”
    3 T   scallions, sliced
  1ā„2 tsp salt
    2 T   canola oil
    1 T   sesame oil
> prepared dough, rested 1hr. prepared like cinnamon rolls, used chopstick to shape. pan fried briefly then steamed in cast iron pan.

Based on a recipe by Bianca Zapatka. Folding method from Red House Spice. Would try to promote a rounder shape via proofing and sealing with water in the future. Would also add more scallions!

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