🫘 white bean blondies

I overcooked a pound of beans, and so of course that means they’re going into a dessert. I briefly looked at a few recipes but wasn’t thrilled, and having made both black bean and red lentil brownies before*, I figured I’d just ad lib with these — I went a little more off-beat than usual, …

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🍫 tahini lentil brownies

I was surprised to find the tahini in these appropriate, since I’ve had unpleasant experiences with the stuff overall, but it seems like sweetness is the solution.Thanking several food bloggers (recipes 1, 2, 3, 4) for the inspiration for these! See my notes for a more standard legume brownie here (ft. black bean). kitchen notes …

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🫘 black bean brownies

I finally made black bean brownies with no sodium beans — cooked them myself. And they turned out great! Gluten free and allergy friendly — recipe adapted from both versions by Ambitious Kitchen (2016, 2012). This was sweet enough for my taste, though a friend didn’t agree, so if you like things in the sweeter …

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