🍠 rainbow harvest bowl

Intentionally modified to be soy-free, with Burmese tofu and coconut aminos. Inspired by Life Alive’s dish of the same name. Amounts are approximate. kitchen notes – rainbow harvest — pseudo/grains — 2 C brown rice 1 C tricolor quinoa brown rice -> 1:1 water, pressure 15min, npr 10min quinoa -> 1:1.5 water, pressure 3min, npr 10min …

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🫘 nhaji / the hyacinth bean

I got a little intimidated by the internet in terms of cooking this legume, which isn’t a regular black bean. Its scientific name is Lablab purpureus, and it is not closely related to the common black bean (also called the black turtle bean) which is a variety of Phaseolus vulgaris. (There are many varieties.) The politics surrounding this …

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🍞 french toast w/ protein powder

The taste of unflavored pea protein (from @wholefoods) reminded me of eggs, so I made french toast with it! About one scoop in one cup of milk, with two tablespoons of sugar, an eighth of a teaspoon of kala namak and a pinch of turmeric.

🍚 decorated rice pudding

Inspired by the beautiful colors and themes of the vegan artist Teagan White! Portuguese rice pudding with cloves, cinnamon, and sugar for decoration. kitchen notes – rice pudding1/3 C coconut milk (heavy, full fat, from a can)2/3 C milk of choice (here: Silk protein nutmilk*) 1 C cooked rice (here: brown short grain) 3 T …

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🍗 sticky sesame cauliflower

Recipe from Connoisseurus Veg! Whole wheat, baked, and very tasty. I baked longer than the recipe instructed and it was still not as crisp as I was looking for, so I’ll probably just use bread crumbs next time.

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