🍠 rainbow harvest bowl

Intentionally modified to be soy-free, with Burmese tofu and coconut aminos. Inspired byΒ Life Alive’s dish of the same name. Amounts are approximate.

kitchen notes - rainbow harvest
β€” pseudo/grains β€”
    2 C   brown rice
    1 C   tricolor quinoa

brown rice -> 1:1 water, pressure 15min, npr 10min

quinoa -> 1:1.5 water, pressure 3min, npr 10min

β€” root vegetables β€”

    2 med sweet potatoes
    3 sm  golden beets
    3 sm  red beets
    4 reg rainbow carrots

> cube, microwave, then roast in oven at 500F. skin on ok.

  1/2 C   oat milk
    2 T   plant butter (e.g. soy-free Earth Balance)

> add sweet potatoes, milk, and butter to food processer and puree. salt to taste.

β€” tofu & greens β€”

    1 C   chickpea flour (besan)
    3 C   water, divided
    1 cube vegetable bouillon (e.g. Knorr)
    1 C   beet greens

> mix chickpea flour with minimal amount of water to make a smooth paste. may be helpful to pass through sieve. boil remaining water and add bouillon. add paste to boiling water. stir until thickened and cooked. pour into wax-paper lined loaf pan and spread level. let cool.

> cut chickpea tofu into cubes. sautee with greens.

β€” sunflower ginger dressing β€”
    2 T   sunflower seeds
    2 T   coconut aminos
    2 T   nutritional yeast
    1 T   ground ginger
  1/2 T   fresh ginger
  1/2 T   jaggery
  1/4 C   water

blend all. add more water as needed to make a smooth, pourable dressing.


assemble as desired. :) we added broccoli sprouts and chopped almonds.

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