🥔 schupfnudeln & lentil schnitzel

Schupfnudeln recipe from Wir Essen Gesund, though it really is just boiled, mashed potato and flour – my life would have been easier if I had just used the immersion blender for making the potatoes, but the still turned out fine even with the mildly inconsistent texture. They also keep well after being boiled. The dough, on the other hand, was a pain to work with after being left in the fridge for a few hours, which was mostly expected, but I had a martial arts class to get to.

The lentil schnitzel is simply brown lentils cooked then blended a bit, seasoned with garlic, herbed salt, and pepper, and then formed into a patty. This was then coated in cornstarch in a quick attempt to read it, but next time I’ll probably use water and cornstarch or flour, and then breadcrumbs or cornflakes for a more prominent coating. Even without that, it was good though! I was surprised at the simplicity.

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