🥜 peanut butter pie

The food I put the most effort into is dessert. 😅 But I guess I’ve also been making dessert longer, so I am more comfortable investing more time and energy.

Tofu based peanut butter pie. This was another instance of my co-workers not knowing what it was made of, but it’s just a block of silken tofu, a cup of peanut butter, and liquid sweetener to taste and some vanilla soymilk. The crust is made of “creme filled sandwich cookies” and some canola oil and Earth Balance.

Note on storage: this pie does freeze well, however, it cannot be eaten straight out of the freezer easily. Let it that for maybe half an hour. It is fine in the refrigerator also.

Toppings like pretzels should be put on immediately before serving to retain their crunch.

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