🫘 white bean blondies

I overcooked a pound of beans, and so of course that means they’re going into a dessert. I briefly looked at a few recipes but wasn’t thrilled, and having made both black bean and red lentil brownies before*, I figured I’d just ad lib with these — I went a little more off-beat than usual, …

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🥜 chickpea pb fudge

I think being a junk food vegan and very experimental baker leads to a weird situation with recipes where they’re part standard American pantry and part niche ‘health’ foods (that are often just from anywhere not the US). This is based on Food and Spice’s fudge recipe, which want to actually follow at some point… but …

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🍠 rainbow harvest bowl

Intentionally modified to be soy-free, with Burmese tofu and coconut aminos. Inspired by Life Alive’s dish of the same name. Amounts are approximate. kitchen notes – rainbow harvest — pseudo/grains — 2 C brown rice 1 C tricolor quinoa brown rice -> 1:1 water, pressure 15min, npr 10min quinoa -> 1:1.5 water, pressure 3min, npr 10min …

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🫘 nhaji / the hyacinth bean

I got a little intimidated by the internet in terms of cooking this legume, which isn’t a regular black bean. Its scientific name is Lablab purpureus, and it is not closely related to the common black bean (also called the black turtle bean) which is a variety of Phaseolus vulgaris. (There are many varieties.) The politics surrounding this …

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🍞 french toast w/ protein powder

The taste of unflavored pea protein (from @wholefoods) reminded me of eggs, so I made french toast with it! About one scoop in one cup of milk, with two tablespoons of sugar, an eighth of a teaspoon of kala namak and a pinch of turmeric.

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