🥜 chickpea pb fudge

I think being a junk food vegan and very experimental baker leads to a weird situation with recipes where they’re part standard American pantry and part niche ‘health’ foods (that are often just from anywhere not the US).

This is based on Food and Spice’s fudge recipe, which want to actually follow at some point… but didn’t this time. I’m hyped to be finding such success with chickpea flour recipes because i have like 5lbs 🙈 This fudge is a little prone to fracture but appropriately soft and heat resistant! Did not melt on a sunny day, though the chocolate definitely did (and then didn’t re-set…).

kitchen notes - chickpea flour pb fudge
    1 tsp oil
    1 C   chickpea flour (besan)
  1/2 C   shortening
  1/2 C   peanut butter
  1/4 C   water
  1/2 C   sugar
    1 tsp vanilla extract
  1/2 tsp salt

> toast the besan 10min w oil, color should change. add the fats. in a separate pot, combine remaining ingredients to make a syrup. add fat mix to syrup. cook 4 more min. press into pan to cool.

For future: cool sugar syrup to closer to 110°F / 44°C to prevent sugar crystals before mixing (including when mixing in fat) according to Ricardo. If using chocolate, cut chocolate-side down (to minimize bending moment?).

I’m also interested in reducing fat, cutting out the separate sugar syrup step, and exploring other sweeteners and flavors.

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