🍎 streusel apfelkuchen

So this was the first thing a tried to bake in Germany, not counting the dinner rolls I heated up a few times. Didn’t go so well.

This apple cake is pretty ugly due to being inverted harshly, as it was cooked in a pot and fell that 15 cm or so onto the lid, as well as not being covered with tin foil during baking. I will probably just use the lid of the pot next time, though I will probably also not use that particular pot. I’ll stick to shallower saucepans so I can remove the cake without the same dramatic splat as the cake breaks when it hits the lid.

The recipe for this apple cake was also a little odd and didn’t call for any liquid, since it’s just streusel pressed into the sides, and I substituted a little olive oil for some of the margarine since it cake for a whole 200g which is a lot. It tasted pretty off, though it was improved with some sour raspberry jam. It’s also possible that the baking powder was old though, or that I just don’t like the taste of the margarine used.

Ultimately didn’t bake fully without the top being burned, and I guess sometimes the easy recipes are too good to be true.

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